Bargain City Galleria is proud to partner with Pinnacle Deals to host WEEKLY Electronics & General Merchandise Auctions where you will SAVE BIG on 3D LED Smart TV's, Bluetooth Wireless Speakers, Laptops, Household Appliance, Furniture and MORE!

Giant Grocery Auction!

Next Grocery Auction:     2/13 AT 2PM


Mainstream markets and general stores are just too expensive these days. Our solution? MONTHLY Grocery & General Merchandise Auctions! SAVE BIG on paper goods, toiletries, canned foods, candy, frozen foods, cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, toys, seasonal items and more! Entrance to the auction is FREE and we'd love to see you there!

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"Greatest Deals on Earth"

Next Electronics Auction: 2/6 and 2/7 AT 1PM

Bargain City Galleria is proud to partner with Pinnacle Deals to host WEEKLY Electronics & General Merchandise Auctions called The Greatest Deals on Earth -- You'll not only be able to SAVE BIG on items such as 3D LED Smart TV's, bluetooth wireless speakers, laptops and more but also general items such as household appliances and furniture!

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What is an Auction?
An auction is a public event sales event where inventory is sold at a specific time and place to the highest bidder. Most auctions require a person to get a "bidder number" prior to bidding. When an item you want goes up for bid, it will typically start a low price, and the auctioneer will raise the "going for" amount each time someone new bids, until there are no more bids on that item. At that time, the item will be sold.

Why attend an Auction?
Not only will you get incredible deals on merchandise, but you'll be part of the most exciting Live entertainment around! Witness the drama unfold as a bidding war takes place and see who wins! In addition, the variety of items you will have the opportunity to purchase -- at extremely low prices -- is second to none.

Do Your Auctions Cost Anything?
Our auctions are free of charge. You will however need to register and obtain a bidding number in order to participate.

Do I need Identification?
Yes. Since your Auction Number is a binding contract we do require a current Driver's License, State Issued ID or Military ID at time of registration.

If I come to an auction with my significant other or Guest do we both need to register?
We would recommend it as your guest may see something he/she may want to purchase. Many times when this happens it gets confusing come check-out time, so we strongly recommend all participants register.

Will I be photographed during your events?
Yes. We are big fans of social media and often our audience members and participants will be photographed during an event and we then use those photos on our social media channels and website.

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